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Your security does not stop with an intruder alarm system or video protection.

Tactical PROTECTION® offers you various services to solve all your security problems.


We can carry out a security audit of your establishment. The security audit is an analysis of your establishment and its functioning in order to provide you with the best security solutions.

The audit lists the strengths and, above all, the weaknesses (vulnerabilities) of all or part of your establishment. The auditor also draws up a series of recommendations for removing the vulnerabilities discovered. The audit is usually carried out in conjunction with a risk analysis and against a baseline.

The baseline is usually made up of :

  • company-specific regulations
  • legal texts
  • reference documents in the field of security
Matériels de sécurité et de protection


The fog generator is an anti-intrusion system used to combat theft or vandalism.

When the intrusion is confirmed, the room will be filled with an opaque fog within seconds, disorienting the intruders who will not be able to progress inside. This dense fog is completely harmless and leaves no deposits.

Once the system has been triggered and the intervention has been carried out, all you have to do is ventilate the rooms to evacuate the smoke (approximately 30 minutes).

Générateur de brouillard
systeme anti-intrusion Tecnoalarm 2


The smoke generator operates automatically or manually.

Pour que la fumée se déclenche automatiquement, le système d’alarme devra détecter au minimum deux intrusions consécutives sur deux détecteurs différents.

Autrement dit, la centrale d’alarme détecte une intrusion grâce à tout type de détecteur installé (détecteur de mouvements, détecteur de contact de porte, etc.), puis, si le radar du générateur de brouillard confirme une intrusion, il déclenchera le tir de fumée en quelques secondes dans toute la pièce.

For manual activation, simply press the emergency button in the room or use the remote control to activate it.

After use, the fog generator will need to be refilled with smoke-generating liquid before it is operational again.

The fog generators installed by Tactical PROTECTION® are NFA2P certified, a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Après utilisation, le générateur de brouillard devra être rechargé en liquide générateur de fumée avant d’être à nouveau opérationnel.

Les générateurs de brouillard installé par Tactical PROTECTION® sont certifiés NFA2P, gage de qualité et de fiabilité.


The HIKVISION® control terminal is easy to install & use.

Its installation does not require any cable and its configuration is intuitive.

The temperature measurement range is from 30°C to 45°C.

The temperature is taken automatically after detection of the face.

The terminal can recognise whether or not the mask is being worn. It will send an alert message if the mask is not worn.

Appareil de contrôle de température
Appareil pour prise de température automatique


● Plug & Play
Fast deployment, no wiring, installation or configuration required.

● Incorporates an uncooled Vanadium Oxide sensor to measure the temperature of the target

● Temperature measurement range: +30 °C to +45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F), accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

● Detecting distance: 0.3 to 1.5 m

● Ultra-fast temperature measurement: detects the face and measures the surface temperature in the skin without person identification

● Multiple authentication modes with temperature measurement

● Displays the temperature measurement results on the authentication page

● Triggers an audio message when the temperature is deemed too high

● Configurable door status (open/closed) when too high temperature is detected

● Transmits online and offline temperature information to the client software via TCP/IP communication and logs the data to the client software

● Integrated stand design for upright installation

● Communicates with third party access control solutions via I/O or Wiegand interface

● Adjustable screen brightness

● High performance processor with deep learning algorithm


EOLIS Air Manager is a professional air purifier that was designed in 2016 to manage complex health situations.

Their action is recognised by the French Health Care organisation, which has declared them a player in the national fight against the pandemic.

Purificateur d'air
EOLIS Air Manager

Eolis Air Manager

This product is a French Tech award winner and has been sponsored by AIRBUS Industrie who developed an exclusive aeraulic system to ensure a high draft power and acoustic comfort.

It was designed and is 100% manufactured in France.


How it works:

An electronic lock allows a door to be opened and closed without a key. This device is compatible with any type of door and simply requires an electric current.

There are several types of electronic locks. The most commonly used is the magnetic card lock, which allows the door to be opened using a badge or smartphone and can be programmed on site or remotely.

More than just a lock, the electronic lock allows access to be activated or deactivated for a quick and easy person. Locks can also record passageways, so you can quickly find out who was last in a room.

Serrure électronique


The electronic key cabinet allows you to manage and secure all the means of access in your company. A wide range of products allows you to choose according to your needs.

Whether it is only used to store keys with an anti-burglary system, or whether it becomes a stand-alone tool for managing access means. We have the right cabinet for you!

  • Anti-burglary opening system.
  • Full traceability of keys and user access
  • Accessible only by accredited persons
  • Touch screen
  • Easy access by PIN, badge, RFID, or biometrics
  • Storage from 10 to 990 keys
  • Battery backup
  • Plug and play” stand-alone system
  • Can operate without network connection, server or PC
  • Automatic data backup
  • Can be configured via web application
  • Key reservation
  • Access by schedule
  • Entering comments when keys are handed over (Km, defects, reasons, etc.)
  • Management of curfew in order to impose its return according to a deadline/time/date
  • Access by double authorization
  • Email notification
Armoire à clés électronique


We are also able to install safes for your home and/or business.

We can offer you safe solutions of different sizes, adapted to your needs and your budget. Ask us for a customised quote.


The metal detector allows an easy, immediate & fast control of individuals. Whether in portable or gantry form, the metal detector, thanks to its design and ergonomics studied for controlling large crowds, allows for reliable and non-contact control of the personnel and public concerned.

We offer several models according to your needs, allowing us to adapt to any configuration.

Whether it is in the form of a racket or autonomous portable gantry for festivals or temporary concerts or fixed gantries for your company/establishment. We have the right solution for you!

Our equipment is also available for hire. We take care of the assembly/disassembly of our equipment.

Détecteur de métaux


Whether it is for an event or to secure your establishment, we offer anti-ram blocks to protect pedestrian areas where vehicles are not allowed. These can be positioned according to your wishes. They are easy to install, do not require an anchor point and can be moved quickly.

Our blocks can be rented for your events. Please call us for your personal quotation.

Bloc anti-bélier


Tactical PROTECTION® offers a wide range of security equipment. Our carefully selected, quality equipment is used by security professionals such as members of law enforcement, emergency services and the armed forces.


5.11 Tactical series


Stick Defender ASP


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PROXIMITY, PROACTIVITY AND RELIABILITY, the three keys to well-managed security.